Front Steps Project



Thank you for the overwhelming support! This project has been incredibly successful because of people like you who are showing up to say that community still exists and WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

At the moment, I cannot accept any new bookings for April. I hope with all I have that businesses and schools reopen for May. If they do not, I will continue this project and release new dates/locations.

If you are interested in being notified, please include your address below. And thank you! Stay safe, stay sane. Xoxo, Julia

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Even though we are distancing, we still need connection.

As a photographer, I typically spend hours every week capturing images of families in times of joy: babies on the way, newborns, siblings, grandparents and more. Those moments of joy are still happening in homes right now. But I can’t be there to capture them.

Like everyone, Dallas residents need to do their part in the COVID-19 crisis and stay at home. 

We are documenting this time by taking five-minute “Front Steps Portraits” of Lakewood, Hollywood Santa Monica, and Uptown residents. Each day we take a few hours to visit families on their front steps. 

The purpose of this project is to bring us together virtually when we might feel isolated.  We aim to highlight the faces of our community during a time when we might not see them in passing at the grocery store, coffee shop, on the train or at the gym. Participating in this project is also an opportunity to step up to help those who need it most right now in Dallas. 

You can schedule your appointment HERE or at the link at the top of the page. When the time comes, just step outside your door and we will shoot a few quick portraits with your family. I will stay at least 10 feet away and have no physical contact with you. But I *will* smile and laugh with you, however, and don’t we all need a little bit of that right now?

After your quick session, I will email you the digital file of your portrait.  In exchange, we ask you to make a good faith donation to support the North Texas Food Bank through this GoFundMe, also found at the top of the page.

We will be posting these images on Instagram using the hashtag #thefrontstepsproject and #thefrontstepsprojectdallas.  Find us at @julianewmanphoto

This is not a typical get-dressed-up-and-pose-for-the-photographer session. Want to stand outside in your pajamas and slippers? Sounds good to us. Kids in mismatched clothes but you’re thrilled they got dressed? Fantastic. Wearing your running outfit because you’re headed off to jog in the nice weather? Love it!  

Be you.  

About Me:
My name is Julia Newman and I am an NYC-based photographer who JUST moved with our family to Dallas in early March and absolutely love it here. However, never would I have thought that this is how we would become involved in the local community. But times are strange indeed. As a mother myself, I understand the importance of a village and hope this fundraising effort will provide some relief to families who have been physically cut off from their village.

Special thanks to @carasoulia for starting this project in Needham, MA and for graciously sharing a template so that we can move quickly on this project!